We offer a range of private workspaces for you and your team - from move-in ready single person coworking space, to a dedicated desk, to standard offices on a shared floor, we have a solution for your office needs.

Coworking Space - Tired of iffy wifi and noisy coffee shops, or too much going on at home? Try Coworking.  Sure, working from home is convenient. For many of us though, it's a challenge to stay focused on work tasks when the dishes need done, laundry needs cleaned and the grass needs mowed. Or, how about when you're on a business call or video conference and the dog starts barking.

Dedicated Desk Space - With a coworking space you could sit somewhere different each day, dedicated desks are a little different in that your desk is yours. It's a guarantee for your particular spot.

Private Office - Enjoy access to a fully furnished, lockable, office space and live phone answering service with your own private office space.

Enterprise Offices - Get up and running fast with private offices that can be configured to embody your brand. Find out why Fortune 500 companies are choosing Coworking spaces to offset huge real estate costs.

Business Mail Services - Don't go the route of a PO Box, or worse, use your home address if you work from home. Your business needs and deserves a real address. At The Hub, you can proudly share your location and know that it is helping to instill confidence in your business, not to mention help with those Google rankings.

Amenities - From full time reception, best in class conference rooms, 24/7/365 access, business class internet, sit- stand desks, an outdoor patio, FREE on-site parking with video surveillance, private phone booths, daily and weekly cleaning, kitchenette/café’ with coffee, tea and beer, happy hour on Thursdays, to quarterly business gatherings, we've got you covered.

Conference Rooms - Perfect for small or large group meetings, creative collaborations, luncheons, training sessions and more.  Conference rooms are equipped with state of the art presentation capabilities, Mac and PC hook ups, projection screens, phone service for conference calls, high speed Wi-Fi and white boards with markers.