What time can I use the co-working spaces?
All Hub community members have access to our building with their personal key fob and can use the co-working space 24/7. In the case of an after-business hour event or meeting we simply ask our community member to be in attendance of their guest(s).

What are the office hours for a tour and member support?
Our building office will not be staffed full time. If you are interested in a tour, please contact us so we can schedule a time for you to come by so we are available for your questions. Our building office will be available Monday – Friday from 8:30am-5pm. If you stop by during office hours one of our members might be available to give you a brief tour that usually takes 15-20 minutes.

What if I am not ready to sign up for a membership?
If you are interested in our community workspaces but aren’t sure about the membership, we are happy to offer you a free trial in the co-working space to see if our space is a good fit for you. After this trial day you are welcomed to sign up for our member program, set up automatic payment option, and begin using our space.

Do I have to sign a contract?
Our community members are welcome to sign up for a memberships that works best for them. Whether that is on a month-to-month basis, 6, 12, or 24 months agreements. All members who want to use the space need to sign a membership agreement. We require an application fee to begin the membership process so if you are interested please bring your credit card or a check to sign up. We bill automatically (via PayPal) at the beginning of each month (1st) for the upcoming month.

If I have a part time membership do I have to come at the same day each week?
No, you are able to can come whenever you please and use your days however you like. For instance, if you are only interested in 10 times a month of co-working, you are able to come for 10 days in a row or spread out the 10 days periodically throughout the month. It is all up to you. With the unlimited, dedicated desks, or private offices you can come as little or as much as you want 24/7.

Can I work at the building after hours?
As an unlimited, dedicated desks, or private office community member you are always welcome 24/7. Guests are not allowed outside our core business hours weekdays (8:30 am to 5 pm) unless accompanied by a member.

What if I signed up for part time but I need additional days?

Feel free to contact us and let us know what other days you plan on coming. We will charge you as a prorated day pass rate for any extra days you need.

Can I meet with clients?
Yes! You are more than welcome to bring clients and meet with them in our building. If you have a private office you can bring them to your office, otherwise the co-working areas are for your use. We have a two conference rooms perfect for meeting with 8 or more people. Our conference rooms have a whiteboard, HD TV with Apple and PC capabilities to project on to and a conference speaker phone. Please reserve the conference rooms prior to your requested time by sending us an email with your time frame. The screen outside of the conference rooms will allow you to see when the rooms are booked or available. The clients you invite do not need to pay for the conference room time, but they are not allowed to use the space without your presence. If you wish they stay in the co-working areas, please arrange that with us ahead of time so we are aware.

Can my team members use the co-working space?
Yes, your team is welcome to use our co-working area. If you have a small team that you want to have access to the building, we can work with you to allow them a small part time co-working membership for them. If you just need your team to come in for a meeting, they are welcome to come in along with your presence.

Am I able to rollover unused co-working days?
No, unfortunately it does not work to rollover unused co-working days.

Can I get a private office?
Yes, of course! Our private offices range in price based on the square footage of space. Our private offices range from single person office space to enterprise offices that can hold four people.

Can I get my own desk?
Yes, we offer permanent/dedicated desks. If you are interested in a dedicated desk within in our co-working area, we can sign you up for this membership. They are rented as first come, first serve, so you’re able to pick your favorite available desk in the area.

Where am I able to sit in co-working?
The co-working areas are all first come first serve. We designed our building to allow you to work comfortably in any space that fits your style. Find a space that suits you best for a while or feel free to move around.

Do I need to bring my own computer?
Yes, you would need to bring your own computer or smart phone that has WiFi capability in which you can use our high speed internet connection.

Where can I park?
We provide on-site parking lot that is free to access. If parking every becomes an issue in our private lot, we are able to park in the street in front of our office building.

Can I book the conference room(s) for a full day?
The conference room(s) are a shared space, but we can accommodate for a full day conference room use. Please talk to us so we can plan for this request if you have such special need.

Can I rent your conference room(s) without being a Hub community member?
Yes, we can allow you to use just our conference room(s) by the half hour, full hour, or by the whole day. For our members we allow them monthly use of our conference rooms at a preferred member rate.

If something comes up, can I quit or suspend my membership?
Of course we are understanding of different circumstances that come up. Our co-working memberships are month to month, while our dedicated desks and private offices can be on a month-to-month basis, 6, 12, or 24 months agreements. Please give us your written notice (email or letter) and allow us time to find someone to fill your space the following month. We will be sorry to see you go, but we understand.

If I leave my stuff there will it be safe?
You are more than welcome to leave your stuff in our building when you are not here. The private offices will have a door key for you to lock your stuff in the room. The co-working and dedicated desk are will be in the common area. Other members with a key fob will have access to the building. Our building is on 24/7 security surveillance. If you have personal items in the common area, please take them home at the end of the day or put them away in a locker (we do not provide locks). The Hub is not responsibility for lost items or your personal belongings. Those items are your responsibility and are in no way insured by us.

How much printing and scanning am I able to do?
We provide black/white and colored wireless printer for member use. We will provide generous printing allowance for our members. If you are planning to be printing a lot, we recommend you bring in your own printer or we can offer you one for an additional fee listed on our additional offers page. We are here to help your work go smoothly so you can print at your convenience. As long as everyone uses these resources mindfully, we will offer our printing included in your membership. If you go above your printing allowance you will be charged per page ($.25 per page b/w or $.40 for color). We will keep it simple so you can focus on getting your work done.

Can I place my own lunch in a fridge?
We have two small fridges in the first and second floor kitchenettes. Please be mindful of the communal space. We recommend that you label all personal food in the fridge or kitchen area, whereas if it is not labeled it may be eaten by other community members or thrown out by our cleaners. Due to limited space, please only store your lunch food in the fridge.

Do I need to pay for coffee, printing and Internet?
No, you do not need to worry about that. We include the cost of all of this in your membership. Please be mindful and respectful as all our members share the coffee, tea, water and printing. Our plan is to keep your membership fees as simple as it can be and allow you to focus on getting your work done.

Do I need to pay extra for trash, water or electricity?
No, your membership fee is all inclusive. We include that into your monthly rent. We take care of all of that so you can come in whenever you please, get your work done and only pay a one-time monthly fee.

Do I have to worry about cleaning?
Please respect our space and keep it as clean as possibly. If you make a mess in the co-working areas, please clean up after yourself. We have our building cleaned every weekend and have a good relationship with our cleaner.


Where can I find the coffee?
We have a beverage stocked 1st and 2nd floor kitchen with coffee supplies, tea, water and the occasional beer. Please help yourself!

Can I play my music?
We have calm music playing in our co-working and common areas at a low noise level. If you prefer to listen to your own music, please use headphones.


Is there somewhere I can make a private phone call?
There are two telephone booths we have on the first floor similar to England’s telephone booths. They offer privacy through the frosted class and the soundproof walls. If those phone booths are occupied, you are more than welcome to step outside.

Can I bring a guest?
Yes, of course you are welcome to bring a guest. As a member, you are fully responsible for any actions of your guest and can't be here without your presence.

Can I bring my kids?
You are welcome to bring your children to The Hub. We simply ask that the kids are well behaved. Please do not let them run, scream, or throw food. We hold all members to the same standards as well. 🙂

Can I bring my dog?
No, sorry. As awesome as it would be to allow your dog, we cannot allow pets. No exceptions. Not even fish. Snakes and alligators are not allowed either. Due to insurance and property agreement we are not allowed to.

Can I bring friends and family to member events?
We will have several member events throughout the year and monthly happy hours. Family and friends are more than welcome to attend with you. Your family members and friends are always welcome to tour the space and visit your office.

Can I use the space for my private event?
We would be happy to offer our space for an event for you on the weekends or occasional weekday nights for your party, workshop or private event. Please contact to find out more details.

Can I smoke?
No. We kindly ask that our building is a no smoking environment. We want to make our area as welcoming and friendly as possible for everyone. If you have to smoke, please go outside.

Is alcohol allowed?
We have beer on tap and allow alcohol for member events and after our business hours. If you become intoxicated, distractive and bad-tempered, we will need to ask you to leave.
We always request that you drink and drive responsibly!


What is the difference between co-working and dedicated/residential desk?

Our Co-working areas are all first come first serve and allow you to work freely around the building. If you prefer the security of having your own personal spot to come in and work at then we recommend you use the dedicated/residential desk. This allows the comfort of knowing you have a personal desk inside an office environment that you can make feel you own with pictures or plants on your desk.


What is the difference between private office vs dedicated/residential desk?

The dedicated/residential desk has the community feel whereas it is in the middle area of the co-working space. They are perfect for traveling employees, beginning business owners, on the go workers, or sale representatives. A private or executive office provides more personal space to spread out in the comfort of your own office suite.



Do you have any referral programs?

Yes! If you are a Hub Community Member, we are happy to reward you for a referral! We are here to help you grow your business, but if you help us grow as well, we want to reward you. We will provide you a thank you gift of a valued dollar amount based on your referral in the form of a prepaid gift card one month following the referral signs up.

What are your staff hours? “Staff" hours Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5:00PM and off on major Holidays.  No front desk or staff available on Thanksgiving, The Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas day, or New Year’s Day


Any other questions?
Please send us an email, call or ask us directly. info@wedosites.com | 843-410-2614

We reserve the rights to update and any changes our FAQ page. For our binding agreement, please see and refer to The Hub Membership Agreement.